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 Marlin 33 takes Line honours in Silverrudder in 2020

It's the 6th time I've been fastest in Silverrudder,

4 times with Marlin 33 and 2 times with my old boat Barracuda.


Marlin 33 has set a new record,

in Silverrudder on 15, 01, 05

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Line Honours Sileverrudder 2020


Marlin 33 has set a new record,

in Silverrudder on 15, 01, 05


The landing can be a challenge.


Mermaids on the boat.


Now we are back in Denmark Gammel Skagen in the background,
and Black marlin was tried something blue sea sailing, which she did quite well.



Fyncup 2016


Black Marlin is soon ready for this summer's expedition,

she now has a super light accommodation of red cedar tree,

the trip this summer go to Western Norway and the Sognefjord.


Black marlin is fastest in Silverrudder 2015, with a sailing time of 15 hours and 48 minutes.
the world's largest single hand-event with 330 boats

new design from Vision Boat,
designed in together with



Dragster has got a new mast and boom from vision boat


Carbon 2 has a new mast from Vision Boat,

On the first trip with the new mast becomes,

Carbon 2, second fastest boat in Fyn Cup, with 263 boats.





 three half floats are ready















Then I started building Black marlin,

I'm here now decide to build trimaran in carbon fiber, it becomes the widest trimaran.

It will be finished spring 2015






 new Trimaram See more here.





 Barracuda wins Silver Rudder, with almost. 4 hours before closest competitor, 

carbon fiber trimaran, Seaon96.






Barracuda deltager i Sølvroret, følgmed på




De to første skrog er færdig på Black Marlin i Tyskland

Se mere her 




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