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 Marlin 33 takes Line honours in Silverrudder in 2020

It's the 6th time I've been fastest in Silverrudder,

4 times with Marlin 33 and 2 times with my old boat Barracuda.


Marlin 33 has set a new record,

in Silverrudder on 15, 01, 05

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About Vision boat

Visionboat is a one-man firm which designs boats and creates unique solutions for boats in general.

The vision is to help create fast and eco-friendly sailing boats. I am interested in using and developing the latest knowledge and alternative materials to create the best products. Among other things, Visionboat has developed a completely new method for molding carbon fiber masts so they have a high strength, great finish, and an efficient production method.

I have sailed many different kinds of sailing boats – both touring and racing. I have also done some long-distance sailing: a trip across the Atlantic and back and a trip from New Zealand to the Mediterranean.

I have used my experience as a boat builder and as a sailor, both in Scandinavia and the Oceans, to design my boats. My great interest and passion for multihull-boats have made trimarans my specialty. In particular, my two trimarans Barracuda and Black marlin that I have designed and built, has given me the knowledge and experience that I have developed and use in other types of tasks.

I am a qualified boat builder from the Ring Andersen Træskibsværft and have also been many other places since, include the known Walsted Bådeværft.



  Marlin 33


Contact: Visionboat | Jan Andersen, Fåborgvej 104, 5762 V. Skerninge | Phone: + 45 29729204 | E-Mail:

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